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CAFIB Official Report in English to our friends from Onceiro Club

To our friends from Eastern Europe, Central Europe and mainly to Onceiro Club members, C/c: several Fila Brasileiro breeders

We would like to confirm that CAFIB remains exactly the same, ie, practicing its Philosophy of Breeding, following its "10 Commandments", following its Standard that was developed by the CAFIB founders in 1978 and working in its mission to preserve and select the PURE Fila Brasileiro.

As you were informed by CAFIB ( in English and in Czech) some former CAFIB directors preferred to found a new club. Good luck and good work for them. But sorry that they have left CAFIB on charges they made ​​without any evidence against a victorious associated CAFIB kennel who deservedly achieved many victories honestly in the show ring.

We are sorry that this group has left and has not returned to the CAFIB many of its assets and equity. Among them: the possession of the CAFIB old site (, the password and the program that managed this site as well as documents, certificates, photos, newspaper The FILA, etc.. Also sorry to have renounced CAFIB without having submitted accountability and returned all the cash resources of CAFIB, at least until 07/24/14.

  • Because of all these adversities CAFIB is increasingly united and strong.
  • All founders and main CAFIB members are still together and remain in CAFIB.

The CAFIB exhibits this year hit record of Fila entries and presence of pubic, as attested in our new website:,, and

Upcoming Exhibitions CAFIB:

  • Aug, 24/14: 14º Exhibitions Quatis in Rio de Janeiro, judge Airton Campbell.
  • Oct, 11 and 12/14: 13ª Exhibitions of CAFIBE, Spain, judge Pedro Borotti.
  • Oct, 26/14: 1ª Exhibitions Fila América, Pensilvânia – USA, judge Jonas Iacovantuono.
  • Oct, 26/14: 2ª Exhibitions in Jacareí, São Paulo, judge Mariana Campbell.
  • Nov 01 and 02/14: 8ª United CAFIB Fila Brasileiro Speciality Show – USA,
    judge Pedro Borotti.
  • Nov,30/14 closing this year with CAFIB "Gran Finale" with the 97th National Exhibition of the Fila Brasileiro and the 6th exhibition of Porto Ferreira, São Paulo to be judged by Jaime Perez from CAFIBE Spain and the General Secretary, Mariana Campbell.

We count on you and your work for the PURE Fila Brasileiro.

Visit the new website of CAFIB:


Luciano Gavião (President)
Americo Cardoso, Airton Campbell and Luis Maciel (directors and founders)
Chico Peltier, Jonas Iacovantuono and Pedro Borotti (Councilors)
Mariana Campbell (General Secretariat)