noticias do cafib


CAFIB official report

CAFIB informs that considering some texts circulating on the internet:

  • Totally disagree with the various versions presented, which in our view, constitute a disregard for the truth and the Fila Brasileiro;
  • Reiterates the documents disclosed in its Official Report and Detailed Chronology dated 07/05/14, in its Positioning dated 7/16/14 and in its Official Report dated 07/25/14, informing that these three texts are available on the CAFIB website in Portuguese, English and Czech (just click in the "News" menu;
  • Reiterates that CAFIB wish good luck and good work for all clubs who wish to truly protect and perpetuate the PURE Fila.
  • Reiterates that only wants to get back your assets and equity, among them: the old site, its password, and management and its control program; accounting accountability, ie, source of income and expense of output values that perhaps are still in power ex-director(s) and other items of CAFIB such as: documents, certificates, pedigrees and hundreds of newspapers O FILA and two microchips readers;
  • Reiterates that it reserves the right to claim these assets and property, including our Standard, 10 Commandments and system and method of selection, approval and disapproval (Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament) and misuse of our logo, not allowing their use by any club, kennel, breeder or person;
  • Reiterates that as of Aug, 10th/14, due only  the unacceptable misappropriation described above, CAFIB will proceed with the end of all of its members who are already active or will join the board of this new club, whose founders misappropriated CAFIB goods, as will end its relationship with Onceiro Club;
  • And thus CAFIB close this thread because it believes that the position taken and released by CAFIB was very well proven, as members requested, and thus ratifies its position and opinion on this matter, enclosing it in this sphere.

Kind regards,
CAFIB - Board